Made for a boy, just not my boy

First real post and it’s not even for my little guy. Our friends are welcoming a new baby boy later this month so I made by absolute favorite baby blanket. My favorite because:

  • So easy even I can’t screw it up
  • Involved measuring… I love measuring
  • allows me to play with all the gorgeous flannels out there without owning a whole bunch of loungey pants.

The tutorial comes from Sachiko at Tea Rose Home.  You can find out exactly how easy it is here: Self Binding Swaddle Blanket

I used two types of sock monkey flannel and dark blue thread.  It’s been sitting on my dresser for a few weeks now.  Hopefully posting this will be the push I need to deliver it to its owners before they deliver themselves.

Monkey Blanket

The big lesson learned on this one is that I really should have marked my corners better. I’m a little off on two of them.  Hopefully the baby won’t mind.

Monkey Blanket Corner


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