Giraffe lays an egg?

Last year we went to a community easter egg hunt near my parents’ house.  Mini boo got scared, required I hold him the entire time, and refused to pick up any eggs.  This year we will keep it low key.  No big community hunt (aggro parents nearly trampling 1 year olds in the quest for most eggs… no thanks) but instead a little hunt in the walking park near our house, and a brand new hunting bag.

Discussion of an Easter egg bag went like this:

Me: Do you want a new bag to find eggs with?

Mini: Yeah.  Giraffe lays eggs?

Me: Nope, chickens lay eggs

Mini: Alligator lays eggs?

Me: Yes, alligator lays eggs!

Mini: Afghan Hound lays eggs!

Me: Nope, lion doesn’t lay eggs.

Mini: Triceratops lays eggs!

Me:  Uhhh, well, they did…

and so on

In honor of this very fun, very long conversation with my boy I decided this year’s bag will feature an animal that lays eggs.

So remember:

Easter Basket Setup

Snakes lay eggs

Elephants do not

Turtles lay eggs

Gorillas do not

Penguins lay eggs

Zebras do not

Platypus lays eggs

Easter Basket

Bunnies… do not

Easter Basket Detail


Project Details:

This bag is based on the Purl Bee tutorial for Easter Egg Hunt Bags.  I used much cheaper felt (20% wool / 80% polyester) and a little less ric-rack and added a t-rex.  The t-rex was cut out of interfacing reinforced quilting cotton and simply fabric-glued on.  I don’t expect an heirloom here – just a toy.


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