Dinosaurs goes RAAAWR

The boy has discovered dinosaurs.  And that they go “Raawrr”.  T-Rex is the best (naturally) but triceratop and saichania are certainly up there.  By the way, if anyone has seen our missing saichania figurine I will pay dearly to have it returned – this is almost as bad as the lost-tuba-puzzle-piece debacle.  Anyway, I saw this Dinosaur Tail by Jessica from Running with Scissors and knew we needed to have one.

I used some green cotton I found at the store for 50% off and went with the felt ridges method.  I will say I made this thing during a week where I slept no more than 6 hours a night for days on end.  Crazy work project with a deadly timeline.  Fridays I’m normally off but on that morning I was stuck to my computer pushing live bug fixes as quickly as the “QA team” (thanks Mods!!) could find them.  During the down time (and deployment) I stuffed this bad boy.

dinosaur tail - stomp

Mini Boo likes it well enough.  He isn’t a great fan of wearing it but he makes sure it’s in his bed every night to be used as a pillow.  Good enough for me.


Lessons Learned

  • Never use bamboo fiber fill.  I like the environment and would prefer it not get ruined but, honestly, this stuff sucks.  It’s heavy, compresses down and sticks to everything.
  • I’m a much nicer person when I have slept.


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