One easy t-shirt

I have a big project coming up (soon to be talked about here) that will require some stenciling on fabric.  Having never done that and not wanting to use a big old project as a test subject, I decided to try out the theory on a smaller scale.  For the first attempt, I ‘m using the freezer paper stencil method from Monday Prints.

After spending a couple of days under the (totally dumb) impression that ‘freezer paper’ was something special that could only be obtained at a craft store, it finally dawned on me that freezer paper is that normal stuff from the grocery store… which I got.  I printed out a nifty mustache graphic, got out my x-acto knife and cut out my stencil.

Then I ironed the stencil to a plain green t-shirt from Target.  Being not great with a brush and, you know, art, I went with the flat bottomed pink stamp-stamp-stamp foam applicators (not their official name).

I put some cardboard inside the shirt so that my paint wouldn’t bleed through to the back if I used a bit too much.


4 thoughts on “One easy t-shirt

  1. Tyler Crumrine says:

    Could you link me to the graphic you used? I’m interesting in doing something similar with a banjo head.

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