Growing an avocado

Mini Boo loves avocado… I mean LOVES avocado! Ask him what he wants for dinner any given day and he will say ‘avocado’ followed by ‘guacamole’ as a second option (it’s good to have choice). Luckily, we live in California with lots of avocados available.  We go through a lot since they don’t last long after opening.  When I was a kid I clearly remember sticking toothpicks in the avocado seed to see if we could get it to sprout.  Since I remember it, I must have been older than 3 but I’m not a patient mama. I want to have fun now.  Plus, I have a lot of avocado seeds to deal with.

I did a quick check to make sure it was as easy as I remembered. It is: seed, jar, toothpicks… and go (Garden Web).  I didn’t actually have toothpicks – these are skewers I cut down to size.  They are pretty sharp so I did the seed stabbing.

He had a good time putting the seed into the jar and pulling it out again.

Final product.

We visit with the seed everyday

Fail Day

Not everything works, we all know that, but why do the failures have stack up on top of each other?  Is it just the universe’s way of telling you give it up already and go outside?  I meant to post this last weekend but in the wake of the utter collapse of everything I tried to do, I decided to keep away from the computer (+1 for me – see, universe, I can learn).

First, I decided to make some baby pants from one of those crazy cheap Old Navy sales.  I bought the shirt for this purpose because it was $3 and couldn’t have gotten the fabric for that… plus the shirt already had pockets.  I don’t have a baby anymore so these were intended to go someone else. From the front they aren’t so bad:

but then we turn them over and… oh dear:

those pockets do not match

uh, aren't those pockets supposed to match??

How did I not notice this when I was cutting?  I mean, really?? One advantage of knitting over sewing is that when I do crap like this with yarn I can always frog it.  Dang.  Do you think they are still presentable?  I can put in a disclaimer “These are crap but will still keep your kids legs warm.” Maybe I should print that on a tag and sew it into the waistband.

Next up, attempting to do the dishes!  Mini boo helps with the dishes, which is great.  He puts away his little plates and bowls and dances around while we put away the bulk of the dishes.  The main problem with this is that we spend some amount of time turned away from the dishwasher while he’s around.  And in that precious moment, our little darling decided that the crayons needed to get washed.  Purple and brown crayons went in, we didn’t notice, and 30 min later out came some pretty weird looking dishes. Now, the new-fangled crayon formula is pretty kind (compared to the actual wax stuff we had in my youth) but there is only so much the nice folks at Crayola can expect a crayon to go through. With a second washing most the real dishes (ceramic and glass) came out ok but the plastic was toast.

We were once clear plastic

Goodbye toddler cups and storage containers… you lived a good life.