Growing an avocado

Mini Boo loves avocado… I mean LOVES avocado! Ask him what he wants for dinner any given day and he will say ‘avocado’ followed by ‘guacamole’ as a second option (it’s good to have choice). Luckily, we live in California with lots of avocados available.  We go through a lot since they don’t last long after opening.  When I was a kid I clearly remember sticking toothpicks in the avocado seed to see if we could get it to sprout.  Since I remember it, I must have been older than 3 but I’m not a patient mama. I want to have fun now.  Plus, I have a lot of avocado seeds to deal with.

I did a quick check to make sure it was as easy as I remembered. It is: seed, jar, toothpicks… and go (Garden Web).  I didn’t actually have toothpicks – these are skewers I cut down to size.  They are pretty sharp so I did the seed stabbing.

He had a good time putting the seed into the jar and pulling it out again.

Final product.

We visit with the seed everyday


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