binding stitch

The Finished Item

I finally finished my Anna Maria Horner quilt.

It’s a simply tied quilt, using 3 different colors of yarn (semi-randomly). You can see the blue and the yellow at the bottom of this picture.  I really didn’t want to make binding tape so I cheated and used the pre-package kind.  You know what, it’s great.  I may never make my own binding again.

Somehow I got it in my mind that it would be easier to hand top stitch the binding with embroidery floss than to blind stitch it.

binding stitch

Sometimes I impress myself with my own delusion.

It’s a nice big quilt – just about the size of a full/queen duvet.  Not quite full quilt sized but I didn’t have anymore of this fabric bundle.

Plenty big enough to hide under (for you and your triceratops).

It is now at it’s final home with the boy’s nanny.  I had seen she had her eye on it and there is no better way of saying ‘thanks for taking care of my kid all day long’ than something she can rest under.  Gods know she must be tired.

She was pleased.

Frankenstein hoodie

Lithium Technologies is 10 years old today.  Ho ray!  For the past 5 years I have worked here.  Five years is a long time to work at a tech company.  Being an old-timer mean lots of things:

  • I believe writing “witw” as the sole line in a reply email is completely valid and correct
  • I know at least one good curse word in Cantonese (thanks, Pip)
  • I believe ‘old admin’ is better than ‘new admin’, even with all evidence pointing to the contrary
  • I know the location of the secret diet coke fridge… which, today, had no diet coke.  Like Monique says, Boo-urns! (however big thanks to the real KBurns who provided diet coke from the super secret diet coke fridge)

also… I have a hell of a lot of t-shirts.  T-shirts are the secret by-product of internet start-ups.  Every logo change: new t-shirt, every holiday party: new t-shirt, team-outing: new t-shirt.  Honestly, I love them but I have a whole drawer of Lithium t-shirts that I hardly wear.  I’m just not a t-shirt girl. They look crappy on me.

So when I saw the Running with Scissors recycled t-shirt hoodie, I knew it must me be mine.  This kids sized hoodie is made of two adult sized t-shirts.  I used one Lithium shirt (Holiday Party – 2010) and one Hotwire shirt (Product team outing) to represent both mom-mom and dada’s other lives.   The boy is a mix of the two of us, so should be his clothing.  I want to get better pics of these but I couldn’t pass up posting this on Lithium’s birthday.

During the birthday celebration at lunch they gave out totally awesome Lithium fleeces! With your choice of logo color! Yay!  Thanks, Lithium, this is one that will NOT be facing the scissors of doom.

(side note) – how long before some founder makes a snarky comment about how 5 years isn’t a long time?? Place you bets here.

I do not iron clothes

In fact, I specifically avoid buying clothes that need to be ironed.  Or, I take them to the dry cleaner just to avoid it.  But quilt tops…


Quilt Specs:

“Quilt top measures 72″ x 65” and is made of  Anna Maria Horner mixed cottons.  The backing is stash fabric.  Next up is making the sandwich and tying the quilt.  I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do for the binding… I really hate hand binding – even more than ironing.