Sewing for Boys – Second Project

Looking through the Sewing for Boys flickr group can remind you pretty quick there are a lot of very good seamstresses out there.  I, without question, am not one of them.  Not yet, at least.  I’m working on it.  That said, I love these pants.  I know they are not the best made and are a bit big (that’s ok, he grows) but they are easily the first clothing item I’ve ever made right.  Meaning, I finished all my edges, pressed all my seams, and followed the instructions.  Amazing how much better things turn out when you do that.  And when I screwed up the side panels the first time, I even ripped back and re-did it.

treasure pocket pants

These are the Treasure Pocket Pants from Sewing for Boys.  The gray fabric is a light corduroy and the side panels are a Kokka Japan print from a while back.

The big pockets are perfect for carrying dinosaurs.  Or pumpkin sitting

Lessons Learned:

  • Buy a lot more thread if you are going to finish your seams – you go through a lot
  • Finishing your seams really is a good idea
  • Don’t be lazy

3 thoughts on “Sewing for Boys – Second Project

  1. Oh my goodness. – Beautiful work! I’m so happy you are happy you finished your seams. It *is* worth the effort.

    These pants, and your story about making them, makes me smile!

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