A Small Obsession

These, I love.

Around Christmas, I saw these Felt Baby Shoes on the Purl Bee blog and knew I had to make  them.  They are so adorable and easy and quickly became… an obsession.   It’s just so fun.  First you draw the pattern out on the little felt squares, then you get to do some cutting out.  Next, a bit of fiddly pinning.  I don’t love that part.  Finally, blanket stitch all the way around.  Add a bit of elastic across the opening and you are done.

They take an hour or so beginning to end.  It’s like crafty crack.  How many pairs does a non-baby-having-maker need?  Apparently a lot.  These are the first of like 4 pairs I’ve made so far.  If I know you and you are soon having a baby, you will get a pair of these.  If you have color preference, put  them in now… otherwise… I’m also kind of obsessed with that orange.

Back to Work

Blog break is over – back to work.

This cute little hat was supposed to be for me.  I think I needed to cast on a couple more stitches to make that really work but it turned out nicely anyway.  I think it will be perfect for him at around 5 but for now it’s a nice loose hat.  It’s nicely stretchy – I even wore it one night when it was really cold on my walk home.