New baby, new blanket

The baby deluge continues with some friends from work welcoming their adorable (and I mean adorable) little guy to the world last month. Check out those pictures!  Aren’t they awesome?  If I ever have another baby, I am getting Agnes and her camera over here ASAP.  Speaking of photography, these pictures didn’t come out great.  Photographing ivory isn’t the easiest thing to get right inside the house.

This was a really nice blanket to work on.  The top dotted fabric is a gauzy japanese cotton.  The back is a soft quilting cotton with a slight sheen to it.  I used 4 different shades of grey-blue embroidery thread to hand quilt the layers together. I did a good section of this on our weekend away in the Russian River so the lines got a little… “wabi sabi” – that’s a nice way to say they aren’t even.  I actually liked the way it was turning out enough to add a couple more lines with even more movement.


The fabrics here are beautiful but neutral.  Most of the interest here comes from texture.  The japanese fabric gauze really shows the stitch definition.

I finished the binding with some standard ivory bias tape and washed the whole thing – it had been all over the place with me.  The fabric was so nice and soft afterward, I really hope mr. cuteness enjoys it.


27.5 Hours to Cuteness

Time: 3:30pm

I find this adorable Newborn Kimono on Purl Bee.  My friends just had a new baby boy and we are going to visit this weekend.  As it has been known to happen, she finished the baby before I finished the baby blanket I’m knitting (curses on you, garter stitch).  This pattern looks cute and doable in the time allotted.

Time: 5:20pm

I figure out how to print things and get myself a copy of the template.  Note: I am an technology professional and can barely figure out how to print things on paper.  Do not ask me to fix your computer.

Time: 6:20pm

I go to the fabric store down the street from my house. Yes, they are still open!  You, reader, are jealous that I have a fabric store down the street from my house.  I pick up an awesome mustache patterned cotton.  They sadly do not have any bias tape, much less the lovely Japanese ones Purl Soho sells but there is no time to lose… so I choose to use 1 1/2″ ribbon instead, folded over.  I cannot be stopped.


Time: 7:45pm

Wash and dry the fabric.

Next Day AM – go to work


Time: 2:30pm

Come home from work, iron fabric, cut out pattern


Time: 2:50pm

Make critical decision between watching old Firefly episode or old Doctor Who episode. Notes own geekiness.

Time: 3:00pm

Start sewing

Time: 3:20pm

Realize I sewed the shoulder seems wrong, redo the shoulder seems.

Time: 4:00pm

Boy wakes up from his nap, entertain him a bit with cars before heading back to sewing machine

Time: 4:20pm

Start pinning down the ribbon. It’s much more slippery that bias tape would be so pinning is important.  Sew on ribbon binding, be careful of curves.

Time: 4:50pm

Realize boy is stinky, put him in a bath then fix dinner.

Time: 6:25pm

Sew on snaps while boy finishes his dessert.  Attempt to keep his Nutella face and hands away from my handmades.

Time: 6:50pm

Iron and photograph.  Kimono is complete!