27.5 Hours to Cuteness

Time: 3:30pm

I find this adorable Newborn Kimono on Purl Bee.  My friends just had a new baby boy and we are going to visit this weekend.  As it has been known to happen, she finished the baby before I finished the baby blanket I’m knitting (curses on you, garter stitch).  This pattern looks cute and doable in the time allotted.

Time: 5:20pm

I figure out how to print things and get myself a copy of the template.  Note: I am an technology professional and can barely figure out how to print things on paper.  Do not ask me to fix your computer.

Time: 6:20pm

I go to the fabric store down the street from my house. Yes, they are still open!  You, reader, are jealous that I have a fabric store down the street from my house.  I pick up an awesome mustache patterned cotton.  They sadly do not have any bias tape, much less the lovely Japanese ones Purl Soho sells but there is no time to lose… so I choose to use 1 1/2″ ribbon instead, folded over.  I cannot be stopped.


Time: 7:45pm

Wash and dry the fabric.

Next Day AM – go to work


Time: 2:30pm

Come home from work, iron fabric, cut out pattern


Time: 2:50pm

Make critical decision between watching old Firefly episode or old Doctor Who episode. Notes own geekiness.

Time: 3:00pm

Start sewing

Time: 3:20pm

Realize I sewed the shoulder seems wrong, redo the shoulder seems.

Time: 4:00pm

Boy wakes up from his nap, entertain him a bit with cars before heading back to sewing machine

Time: 4:20pm

Start pinning down the ribbon. It’s much more slippery that bias tape would be so pinning is important.  Sew on ribbon binding, be careful of curves.

Time: 4:50pm

Realize boy is stinky, put him in a bath then fix dinner.

Time: 6:25pm

Sew on snaps while boy finishes his dessert.  Attempt to keep his Nutella face and hands away from my handmades.

Time: 6:50pm

Iron and photograph.  Kimono is complete!


7 thoughts on “27.5 Hours to Cuteness

    • clandestineknitting says:

      I am super lucky, plus it’s next to a coffee shop on one side and a cupcake bakery on the other. Dangerous block for me.

  1. Oh my gosh, this is so perfect!!! That fabric is the best! I’m jealous. My daughter is having a baby boy in October and this fabric would be great for making something. I know mustaches are popular right now but my husband has been sporting a handlebar mustache for years. My daughter loves her dads signature mustache and would get a kick out of this fabric. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for some similar fabric.

    • clandestineknitting says:

      Hi Beth – The fabric is Alexander Henry “Where’s my ‘stache”. Mustaches are rather trendy right now but if you are going to go trendy it might as well be for a newborn. There is no way they can possibly wear it longer than the trend lasts 🙂

  2. It looks fantastic, and of course, my jealousy about the fabric store knows no bounds. It also looks so comfy, it kind of makes me wish I could wear an adult-sized version, too. Not out in public, of course. Or at least not often.

  3. I am looking at making a kimono for our (future) little one – starting with an easy pattern so that when he actually arrives I am ready to tackle more difficult things. I love yours, and the fabric you chose. I was going for bias tape but I like the silkiness of the ribbon – very kimono like .. May be changing my mind..

    • Congratulations on the little one! Just keep in mind, the silk ribbon looks really nice but it is more difficult to work with (no stretch to it). For your own baby you might want to make two – start with one with normal tape and then do one with ribbon. The bias tape Purl Soho sells is super cute.

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