Apple Pie Egg Rolls – stay with me on this one

Happy 4th of July!  On this very special birthday of our country I thought I would share my very favorite “apple pie” recipe.  First off, this isn’t really apple pie.  Why? Because I don’t really like apple pie… or really pie at all.  It’s the crust.  I don’t like crust.  What’s so great about this treat?  It has no crust!  I can not take credit for this, of course.  The original recipe comes from Chef In Training.  Go subscribe to her feed right now if you don’t already.  I followed her instructions pretty closely with the only difference being that I prefer ginger in my apples rather than allspice, so I used that instead.  I kept the cinnamon because cinnamon is yummy.

Wrap them up

Cook them up

Nom Nom