Presents! For ME!

Yesterday the mail carrier decided she loved me and brought me presents

ImageCraft Coffee and a Alice Supply Co. toolbox. I had been eyeing the toolbox ever since I saw it in a Martha Stewart article on how to organize your sewing supplies.  But honestly, at $82 buckarros it was a bit outside of my “isn’t that cute” range.  My Ikea box storage box was fine if not quite as sturdy or pretty.  Then, the shopping fairies took pity on me, and put my toolbox on Fab where I seem to have no will power at all.  And it was half price!  $40 of cuteness? DONE.

Oh, it is so very awesome.  19″ metal toolbox with a enough heft to it that you can tell it will last.  A plastic (boo) tray inside to separate the compartments.


I wasted no time.

ImageSewing stuff is now nicely put away with room to spare.

Half-way there

Years ago I made some pillow covers for some great big Ikea floor pillows. They were probably one of the first thing I ever sewed on my sewing machine.

Considering how badly sewn they were, it’s rather surprising they lasted so long.  But one kid later, the pillows are done for.

This time, the plan is to make the cases out of a basic cotton canvas and decorate with my favorite freezer paper stenciling technique.  The boy helped decide on the designs.  He clearly has a bit of Tiny Art Director in him. Many, many designs were rejected.  I did a really cute whale that was barely even considered.  So far we have finished two.  This time I have made them removable since washable is definitely a requirement for anything in this house.

The fronts:

One dinosaur

and one orca

and even nice little backs