Spring in January

Hey, remember when I didn’t post for like 3 months over the biggest crafting time of year?  Me neither.  Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen.  Great.

In other news of inactivity and procrastination… 10 bajillion years ago I started a quilt as part of the Road To Spring quilt-along. I got as far as this picture:

road to spring

That is the last I ever posted to the group.

I did actually finish the quilt top.  I learned a lot about what not to do. My fabrics were wrong as was a lot of my technique. The Road to Spring quilt called for free motion quilting but I knew I wasn’t up to that.  So the quilt top just sat.  After my quilting class – and really learning how to do the quilting part and binding – I wanted to practice those skills.  And there was my old quilt top just waiting 🙂

I found some nice backing fabric at the local Cat’s Pajamas sale and used scraps from the front to get the width right.


I also made the binding out of a yellow solid I have had around for a while.  I haven’t measured it yet but it’s definitely a throw/baby blanket type size.  Now just to figure out who to give it to…




2 thoughts on “Spring in January

  1. Yvonne says:

    So cute! I think Kaia’s been a little chilly in her crib these past few nights (wink, wink ;-)….but seriously, you may be touched to know she’s currently sleeping with the blanket you made for Mateo. Happy New Year to you all!

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