It’s SOOOO hot

…as i posted to a friend’s facebook wall after she informed everyone that it was nearly 85 degrees out.  Two days ago another friend and I were browsing through Old Navy when I said I wanted some sleepy shorts.  She responded that she would have been all over that if she still lived in Arizona but that it was way too cold here for shorts.  WHAT? It’s nearly 85 degrees! It’s well into sleepy shorts weather.  Crazy Arizona people.

Are you thinking “wow, these people are babies”? Yes, yes we are.  Also, check out these babies


Sleepy shorts for me out of some I-have-no-idea stash fabric.  I know it’s a quilting cotton but, otherwise I know nothing about it.  Oh, except it’s pretty.  No real pattern here, just used some flannel sleepy pants as a guide but cut them off at about the same length as some shorts I have.  I did do fancy clean finish edge and I think that made my sizing a bit off.  Let’s just say I hardly needed the elastic at the waist.


I did add some stash ribbon for prettiness and (I’m very proud of this) I used the button hole feature on my sewing machine for the ribbon holes.  I have never use it before and, wow, was it super easy.  Nicely done, Singer.

I like them quite a bit.  In fact, I’m wearing them now.  No, there will not be pictures 🙂

3 thoughts on “It’s SOOOO hot

  1. Thank you both. I’m sure we will return to our normal “summer” any day now but for one weekend I’m really enjoying how the other half lives.

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