Sewing for Myself

Lately I’ve been sewing a lot for myself.  I guess people call it selfish sewing, although I’m not sure why.  Sewing for myself is sewing for my most demanding, least forgiving, difficult recipient ever.  Adding to that, I’ve mostly been sewing clothes… which means I then need to photograph those clothes on me if I want it on the blog.  I am not photogenic.  I did make one big step forward though. I bought myself one of these – a little $10 bluetooth key fob that let’s me take pictures from my iPhone remotely.  It’s awesome. It doesn’t automatically make me look good in those pictures (I’m guessing magic is more than $10) but at least I don’t have to try to make my arm longer while getting a non-whack-a-doo picture of my own skirt.  With that said I’m queuing up a number of post from projects over the last couple of months all featuring slightly less whack-a-doo pictures of me wearing stuff.

Is this thing working??

Is this thing working??

At least my hair looked good.

3 thoughts on “Sewing for Myself

  1. You have totally awesome hair!! That is an objective fact! But also, you’re plenty photogenic!! I get nervous about photos too, though. Excited to see what you sew for yourself! (To me, “selfish sewing” is a cute moniker, but it’s no more actually selfish than say, “me time” – hey, I deserve some cute hand-mades too, kiddos! Also, while I am harder to fit than my kids, I am also more appreciative of the HARD WORK involved than they are! Hehehe.)

    • I agree. My son asked why I don’t sew him clothes and I had to reply “because all you wear is t-shirts with animals on them.”

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