Portrait Blouse Wearable Muslin

I’m not a fan of making muslins. I really don’t have enough time to make two versions of everything I want so… yeah… I just don’t do that. In this case, I found 1.5 yards of a basic blue cotton voile in the remnants bin at Stone Mountain and Daughter and decided to make a “first attempt” muslin with it. I full intended to (and have) worn this out and about.

The pattern is the Portrait Blouse from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing. I made a small adjustment to increase the bust size but otherwise followed the pattern. I think for round two I will lengthen the blouse a bit. I don’t often tuck my shirts in and I need a bit more wiggle room between the top of my pants and the bottom of my top to avoid accidental tummy showing (see photo – thank you retouch tool).



Why am I about to laugh?

Why am I about to laugh?

oh, that's why

oh, that’s why

4 thoughts on “Portrait Blouse Wearable Muslin

  1. Ooh, the fit is fantastic! I’m always kinda terrifed by FBAs, but you’re like “small adjustment, no bigs.” 😉 With a bodice that fits like that, I see so many possibilities for turning it into a dress, a different kind of blouse, varying necklines, etc.

    Love the about to laugh face and the big smile!

  2. Well, if I didn’t make the FBA I would never be able to make a top. There are only so many knits one can wear. At least in this case there are no buttons to deal with :p

    I really have to try making this top into a dress. I bet I even have the right fabric somewhere… Ok, now you are giving me ideas…

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