Portrait Session… for a Stuffie

A good friend runs a lovely website called hello, Wonderful. I follow it on Facebook and find lots of interesting ideas that I never seem to find the time to act upon. Last week she linked to a blog that linked to a blog… well, you know how it goes. Eventually we get to Willowday and this awesome idea. The idea is that you will capture a beloved stuffie in a photo before life turns that stuffie into fabric parts.

We just did this project last weekend. Bear is a dear, pensive looking friend and my son and I both loved taking his picture.

bear portrait

I edited the photo to be black and white and had it printed at 12 x 12 at a professional photo printing lab (Dickerman Prints for those in SF). To frame up nicely, I cropped the photo tighter using their online tool. I had the largest Bear portrait printed at 12″ x 12″ mainly because we already had a frame that size. It was super useful as my original photo was not a standard print size.

I printed 4 photos. 2 of Bear and 2 of the boy. For now the framed photo is hanging over our fireplace. I had a lot of trouble getting a good photo of the final project (lots of reflections happening off the glass) but trust me that it looks great.

bear portrait


The others I had printed at 8″ x 10″. I think I have a couple of frames to use but I might hunt around a bit before committing. This is my favorite that I’m thinking of framing up next.

Bear and Boy

Improv Hexie


One to file under “things that are finished” – it’s an improvisational giant hexagon with scrappy borders. I started working on large-ish panels of fabrics that I liked without much of a plan. I first thought I’d do a stack of coins quilt but I have made one of those before and the idea of a very large hexagon was interesting. I figured that since I had no plan, doing something strictly because it was interesting was a fine plan.

Large hex

I tried to use every scrap of the panels that I could. Most lined up in haphazard but pleasing ways and even the ones that didn’t fit added something. As you can see there are no pictures of the back… that would be because it’s a freaking mess. Really, so many mistakes that are just lazy and careless. The quilting is freestyle squares which isn’t great but wouldn’t be terrible if I had pinned better. There are some folds on the back. Serious, serious folds.  I fixed a couple that I could easily get to but one is just too much. Oh well, I’m happy with the quilt top if nothing else. I was hoping to give it as a baby quilt but with the back as it is I think it may need to be a picnic blanket.


  • Good color/pattern choices
  • Fun improv top


  • Terrible sandwich making
  • Lazy quilting
  • Not sure I can give it to anyone with the back all janky 😦