Portrait Session… for a Stuffie

A good friend runs a lovely website called hello, Wonderful. I follow it on Facebook and find lots of interesting ideas that I never seem to find the time to act upon. Last week she linked to a blog that linked to a blog… well, you know how it goes. Eventually we get to Willowday and this awesome idea. The idea is that you will capture a beloved stuffie in a photo before life turns that stuffie into fabric parts.

We just did this project last weekend. Bear is a dear, pensive looking friend and my son and I both loved taking his picture.

bear portrait

I edited the photo to be black and white and had it printed at 12 x 12 at a professional photo printing lab (Dickerman Prints for those in SF). To frame up nicely, I cropped the photo tighter using their online tool. I had the largest Bear portrait printed at 12″ x 12″ mainly because we already had a frame that size. It was super useful as my original photo was not a standard print size.

I printed 4 photos. 2 of Bear and 2 of the boy. For now the framed photo is hanging over our fireplace. I had a lot of trouble getting a good photo of the final project (lots of reflections happening off the glass) but trust me that it looks great.

bear portrait


The others I had printed at 8″ x 10″. I think I have a couple of frames to use but I might hunt around a bit before committing. This is my favorite that I’m thinking of framing up next.

Bear and Boy


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