Giants Beware! Part One

Sometimes it’s great to make things BIG, GIANT, HUGE! Perhaps I’m thinking of this as I complete the little fiddly trees of my Radiant Orchid quilt and am reminded that going big can cover a lot of mistakes.

Many moons ago, the husband and I visited Buenos Aires where we ate lots of steak, drank lots of wine and I bought lots of yarn.  Big yarn, little yarn, freakin’ huge yarn.  And ever since then the yarn had sat in bags waiting for a project to come along.  Most yarn in Argentina is not sorted by the US standard thicknesses (no fingerling, DK, worsted, etc.).  Everything will require a swatch and planning – a good practice anyway.  But… I really don’t like planning and am a terrible swatch-er. However, there was one yarn I knew exactly what to do with.  A weird thick/thin almost roving-like cream wool with buttons and fabric tied in.  There is only one thing to do with yarn such as that.  You must make a scarf. Or in my case a cowl as I only brought back 2 skeins.

big yarn cowl

I knit on the biggest needles I could find in my house. Most of the knitting supplies are still in boxes as I’ve been sewing a lot more recently.  My needle case produced these US 17s.  I think going even bigger would have worked well but I’m happy with the fabric made from the 17s.  I used Molly’s Cowl as a guide but didn’t follow it to the letter.  My yarn wouldn’t show definition so it was more about size and keeping the knitting from rolling.

big yarn cowl detail

I blocked it out after finishing and added 3 buttons up the front.  I think I blocked it a bit too much as it grew a lot. It makes me look like I’m in hiding if I wear it all the way up. It is a giant of a thing.

big yarn cowl finished

Bad lighting selfie – I always look harsh when taking pictures of myself



The little things

Sometimes a small, simple project can reignite your love a craft.  Knitting, I’m back.

The pattern is mostly “Baby Socks” from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts with modification to make them taller and to have the little ties around the ankle.  The idea for the ties are from the Yarn Harlot’s baby booties but I don’t think I made mine exactly the same way.  Plus, I’m terrible at pom-poms, so mine just tie.