This is my first quilt I’ve really, really finished in quite some time. I used the Trip Around the World instructions here and a fully jelly roll of Uptown Lush that has been sitting in the stash for a while. It’s finished off with straight diagonal quilting. So the squares aren’t perfect… or really even close.  And the “straight” line quilting is wobbly.  But it feel so nice to finish.


I forgot how much I love hand binding.


the back with bonus climber


The final product:

miniquilt3 miniquilt4

Marsala? Ok Ok

Last year I did the Pantone Quilt challenge and it was awesome.  Radiant Orchid wasn’t exactly my type of color but I loved the weird psychedelic forest I made out of it and had a great time.  This year’s color is Marsala… even harder to work with.  But I’m game! I’m into it! Yeehaa!

Now, what the hell am I going to make?


Kids Clothes Week – Bobby’s Bathers Shorts

I will admit I didn’t really plan to participate in KCW this summer.  I have a bunch of other projects going on, some I am super behind on and the boy has been lukewarm on hand-mades.  Then I saw Miss Mucho’s post and I wanted to play along.  She always convinces me to do things thinking mine will turn out as great as hers.  That never happens.

For this project I used a light chambray for the main fabric and touches of some Star Wars quilting cotton I picked up at Beverly’s awhile ago.  The pattern is Bobby’s Bathers – a boys swim trucks pattern – in Sewing For Boys. I have made so many things from that book, it nearly justifies all the sewing books I have bought and never made a thing.

star wars shorts


The biggest issue I have seen so far is the fabric wrinkles very easily.  I ironed last night to take photos in the morning.  Just sitting on the dresser overnight put in that crease under Darth Vader’s pocket.



Did you see the pockets? The are fussy cuts of Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper.  Each has a velcro closure sewn in to keep important valuables (read: lego Star Wars mini-figs) inside.



Since theses were originally a swimsuit pattern, the waist has a tabbed tie closure.  I liked the pop of color. I had a difficult time figuring out where the tabs were supposed to go and ended up ripping them out and adding them back on after the shorts were sewn together, just before making the elastic casing.


There isn’t a good picture in the book of what they are supposed to look like, so I just did what made sense to me.  All the ripping and repositioning (and that my machine only wanted to make one button hole for whatever reason) resulted in a little funky sewing here but that is the joy of sewing for kids.  They really don’t care.

Pros: Fast, cute, might actually be worn, Star Wars

Cons: Wrinkled fabric, funky tabs


Sewing for Myself

Lately I’ve been sewing a lot for myself.  I guess people call it selfish sewing, although I’m not sure why.  Sewing for myself is sewing for my most demanding, least forgiving, difficult recipient ever.  Adding to that, I’ve mostly been sewing clothes… which means I then need to photograph those clothes on me if I want it on the blog.  I am not photogenic.  I did make one big step forward though. I bought myself one of these – a little $10 bluetooth key fob that let’s me take pictures from my iPhone remotely.  It’s awesome. It doesn’t automatically make me look good in those pictures (I’m guessing magic is more than $10) but at least I don’t have to try to make my arm longer while getting a non-whack-a-doo picture of my own skirt.  With that said I’m queuing up a number of post from projects over the last couple of months all featuring slightly less whack-a-doo pictures of me wearing stuff.

Is this thing working??

Is this thing working??

At least my hair looked good.

While I Wait

Idle hands and all…  so while I wait for my new sewing machine to arrive I pulled out an old friend.  A good project that has sat for quite some time as I didn’t really realize how much work it was going to be.  Still pretty though. I’m making much better time now that I decided to make my stitches bigger.  I may even finish.


Hold on that Quilting

Working with the god-awful walking foot on my old timer Singer reminded me again how much I really want a new machine.  Not that mine is bad but with the amount of sewing I do and the new fangled thingies the new machines have… it’s time.  I could spend a lot of time, go to sewing stores, etc (everyone will tell you to do this).  OR I could use a gift certificate on Amazon and just buy what Ms. Mucho has.  YEAH, I think I’ll do that second one.

wait… click, click, click… back

Yay, new machine arrives on Monday 🙂

Radiant Orchid step 1

I was so excited to see Ms. Mucho in person last weekend.  It was a good night of wine drinking and taco eating as all the best nights are.  Things were going well right up until we were leaving and she said “so, have you started your quilt yet?”  Uhhh, no.  Well, I guess “yes” if you consider buying fabric starting. Which I don’t. So with that reminder I went ahead and started cutting.  56 squares in various ‘radiant orchid’ colors.  56 white blocks to sew into the colors.  111 plain white blocks for spacing and background.  Arg.  I watched an entire terrible movie while lining up 2 3/4″ over and over.  And really, Jeremy Renner, Hansel and Gretel is waayyy beneath you.  

Of course I had to gloat because I’m charming like that: