Quilting Class Output

Remember that quilting class I said I was going to take?  I really did take it.  And it was totally fun.  A lot of my reason for going was to figure out all the stuff I had been doing wrong.  Just like when I learned that I was so, so not purling correctly a full half sweater in.That sweater has since been sacrificed to the frog and no photographic proof remains that it ever was.  I am very happy to report that quilting class didn’t unearth any similar face-palm lessons.  Most of what I had been doing, I had been doing correctly or close enough.  The biggest things I took away from it were

  1. Keep a hot iron close.  Really saves a bunch of time and helps you not give into the laziness of just not ironing
  2. Measure all the damn time.  This one was a biggie.  We made 9 square blocks.  Measured each piece, measured each block, measured each row, etc. I need to be better about this
  3. A 12 1/2 inch square ruler is kind of essential.  See measuring above.  That thing makes it far less painful.
  4. It’s totally ok if at the end of attaching your binding, you finish with a flat seam for the two ends instead of a bias one. Quilting police did not storm the building.  It was like they don’t even exist.
  5. Binding stitch. Most things I found I had been doing mostly right except this.  I have been hand sewing the binding wrong on every quilt I have made, making my life more difficult and my fingers more… perforated in the process. This is the way to do it.

I ended up with a nice little quilt made out of a things I already had in my stash. One of my rules of class taking is that I shouldn’t buy materials if I already have them.  This is for practice not for the family heirloom (right, like my son is going to want to keep any of this.  He’ll likely go to college with the 2 yards of star wars fleece currently on his bed that I picked up for 40% off at Joann’s).

I am very lucky to work with humans. Humans who have babies.  Humans who have babies always need blankets, even little wee ones.  Aaron from two desks over was very happy to accept my homework for his new Little J.  I hope Little J gnaws on that new-stitch-learning binding to his hearts content.


Full quilt taped to the wall


9 block detail


back side with cool ghost print


Thanks A Verb for Keeping Warm for the great class.  I’ll be back.