Half-way there

Years ago I made some pillow covers for some great big Ikea floor pillows. They were probably one of the first thing I ever sewed on my sewing machine.

Considering how badly sewn they were, it’s rather surprising they lasted so long.  But one kid later, the pillows are done for.

This time, the plan is to make the cases out of a basic cotton canvas and decorate with my favorite freezer paper stenciling technique.  The boy helped decide on the designs.  He clearly has a bit of Tiny Art Director in him. Many, many designs were rejected.  I did a really cute whale that was barely even considered.  So far we have finished two.  This time I have made them removable since washable is definitely a requirement for anything in this house.

The fronts:

One dinosaur

and one orca

and even nice little backs





Anglerfish Stenciled Hoodie

Hey, do you know that part in Finding Nemo? The part with the anglerfish? I do. I do very well.  On the boy’s list of topics (he only has 4) anglerfish ranks really, really high.  He both loves and fears the anglerfish.  We talk about it a LOT. Today while he was off at the park with his grandparents (thanks, Mom and Dad), I stenciled an anglerfish from the Finding Nemo Best Dad in the Sea book on to the back of his favorite green hoodie.  This way he gets to be super cool by having an anglerfish sweater while not actually having to look at the anglerfish.

First I copied the main body out of the book an onto freezer paper.  I cut out the design with an xacto knife pen thing. You can see the quality of my drawing skills below.  I put in the place for the eyes but did not cut them out. I planned on doing them without a stencil. Then I ironed it onto the back of the hoodie

Freezer Paper Stencil

Oooh, and Joann’s was having a closeout on a bunch of their Jacquard metallic fabric paints ($2.50 each!) so I bought out anything that looked like it might be awesome.  I used the metallic broze for the main body and silver for the spikes and illuminated lure.  I let that dry for a while then went in with blue and added spot details.  Finally I hand painted the teeth and eyes with opaque white.  Hand painting on knits is pretty difficult but I’m not sure I could have done any better with a stencil.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with it.  The boy was stoked, too.

He is VERY brave!