Kids Clothes Week – Quick Change Trousers

I struggled with Kids Clothes Week this year as my kiddo is at the age where he has very strong opinions on his outfits.  There must be jeans, there must be t-shirts.  No other clothes are acceptable.  It took lovely Ms. Mucho to remind me that there is nothing that says the clothes have to be for your child. So I decided to make a favorite from my own child’s past for a new little one.  These are the Quick Change Trousers from Handmade Beginnings.  I made the 12-18 month size for my friend whose little Z is just about 1.

Giraffe Pants

The really awesome part of these pants is that they are reversible.  Which makes them a bit stronger for that walking/crawling stage.  Also, gives you more chances to use cute fabric.  For one side I used a giraffe print for the main part of the legs and an olive green panel for extra diaper space.  The other side is a ombre blue leg with a mustache bum.

Mustache Back

What I really like here is that the fabric is left over from a blanket made for this exact same baby way back.

Front side

How cute is the giraffe print peaking out when the cuffs are turned?

binding stitch

The Finished Item

I finally finished my Anna Maria Horner quilt.

It’s a simply tied quilt, using 3 different colors of yarn (semi-randomly). You can see the blue and the yellow at the bottom of this picture.  I really didn’t want to make binding tape so I cheated and used the pre-package kind.  You know what, it’s great.  I may never make my own binding again.

Somehow I got it in my mind that it would be easier to hand top stitch the binding with embroidery floss than to blind stitch it.

binding stitch

Sometimes I impress myself with my own delusion.

It’s a nice big quilt – just about the size of a full/queen duvet.  Not quite full quilt sized but I didn’t have anymore of this fabric bundle.

Plenty big enough to hide under (for you and your triceratops).

It is now at it’s final home with the boy’s nanny.  I had seen she had her eye on it and there is no better way of saying ‘thanks for taking care of my kid all day long’ than something she can rest under.  Gods know she must be tired.

She was pleased.