Mini-Break on the Russian River

So I think I’ve mentioned that work has been crushing my soul lately.  Not to whine about it too much, but, yeah, it’s sucked.  After two straight weeks of working every night and weekend, I took a long weekend to reconnect with the family. My plan was to go to Palm Springs and spend some time sitting by a pool with a book and a beer (I dream BIG).  But, that weekend was the same as Coachella.  This did not fit into my lazy weekend plans, although I’m sure there was beer drinking to be had.

Instead we rented a house on the Russian River in itsy-bitsy Duncan Mills.  The house had a fully enclosed yard so the boy could run around without any fear that he would be swept away down the river.  A tall white gate separated the yard from the riverbanks.

April can still be pretty cold under the redwoods.  The river was high and moving quickly so we limited all our kayaking to on land

or viewed from the beach.

The woman who was actually kayaking in that water was amazing.  Jenner is where the river hits the ocean, creating swirling waves in both directions.  The wind was strong and cold – you had to be a pro to be out on that water.  Clearly, she was.

We did a little hiking in Armstrong Woods.  It’s so great to be somewhere where the path is well defined and flat.  We could let the boy run and play without worrying that he would land off trail in a patch of poison oak.

It was wonderful to spend some time with my boys.

Beautiful light through the redwoods

You can hide in a tree.

I love this shot… this is life with a 3 year old. A blur of fascination.