Last month we introduced the young man to camping.  Well, “camping”.  Fake camping.  What is fake camping, you ask? Fake camping is all the good parts of camping (nature, hiking, campfires) without the bad part (sleeping on the ground, being dirty).  Luckily a mere hour and a half from our house is Costanoa. Fake camping mecca.  We stayed in an adorable tent cabin with a real bed (and heating pad).

Went to the beach on a cold, cold summer’s day

found treasures

took lots and lots of pictures.  I love low fog and gray days.  I especially love it when using the Hipstamatic BlacKeys B+W film with the Helga Viking lens.

We played in the water until our toes got numb.

On the way back from the beach, we stopped at the Swanton Berry Farm U-Pick field and picked up our own dessert.

We hiked and played:


and enjoyed wifi… just like nature intended