Sewing for Boys – Project Three

Yay, three projects from the same book.  This has to be a record! It certainly means I get free reign to buy as many sewing books as I want (right, hunny?!).  I had a bit of trouble with this one.  I think if I go back and check my sizing, I’m going to find that I copied the pattern out a bit snug.  When sewing from patterns in book, I transfer the whole thing onto tissue paper from a big roll.  This way my patterns aren’t creased and folded, and I save any permanent damage to the master copies.  However, it does allow for some “human error”.  In this, I am more human than others. I can screw up almost anything.

Random side note: Shake it Out from the new Florence + the Machine album is good.  Is it just me or is there a kind of Peter Gabriel thing going on there?

Anyway, I had to rip out my side seams and make them much looser if I wanted the boy to be able to wear a t-shirt under it.  I also needed to add an extra inch and half band to the bottom for length.  I used the contrast fabric for my extra length.  I really love it like this.  That alphabet contrast is really subtle just at the neck but would be overwhelming as an all over pattern.  This little touch is perfect.

This fabric is French General from Moda.  The solid fabric has a small detail right at the edging that I loved so I made sure the arms ended right on the edge.  This means I didn’t really hem the sleeves.  They are a bit long but I was not giving up that edging.

I really love this shirt.  I learned a lot making it.  My shoulder stitches are even and clean.  There are no wonky seams.  It looks well done.  Which is totally amazing! Very, very happy with this guy.