Giants Beware! Part One

Sometimes it’s great to make things BIG, GIANT, HUGE! Perhaps I’m thinking of this as I complete the little fiddly trees of my Radiant Orchid quilt and am reminded that going big can cover a lot of mistakes.

Many moons ago, the husband and I visited Buenos Aires where we ate lots of steak, drank lots of wine and I bought lots of yarn.  Big yarn, little yarn, freakin’ huge yarn.  And ever since then the yarn had sat in bags waiting for a project to come along.  Most yarn in Argentina is not sorted by the US standard thicknesses (no fingerling, DK, worsted, etc.).  Everything will require a swatch and planning – a good practice anyway.  But… I really don’t like planning and am a terrible swatch-er. However, there was one yarn I knew exactly what to do with.  A weird thick/thin almost roving-like cream wool with buttons and fabric tied in.  There is only one thing to do with yarn such as that.  You must make a scarf. Or in my case a cowl as I only brought back 2 skeins.

big yarn cowl

I knit on the biggest needles I could find in my house. Most of the knitting supplies are still in boxes as I’ve been sewing a lot more recently.  My needle case produced these US 17s.  I think going even bigger would have worked well but I’m happy with the fabric made from the 17s.  I used Molly’s Cowl as a guide but didn’t follow it to the letter.  My yarn wouldn’t show definition so it was more about size and keeping the knitting from rolling.

big yarn cowl detail

I blocked it out after finishing and added 3 buttons up the front.  I think I blocked it a bit too much as it grew a lot. It makes me look like I’m in hiding if I wear it all the way up. It is a giant of a thing.

big yarn cowl finished

Bad lighting selfie – I always look harsh when taking pictures of myself