The Pumpkins of Gabba Gabba

Halloween was a very Yo Gabba Gabba event around these parts.  It started early when the boy’s nanny took on a huge project.  An awesome project…

yo gabba gabba pumpkins

She made a pumpkin version of each Yo Gabba Gabba character.  She started with the 5 main gabba friends but when the boy asked “Where’s DJ Lance?” she gritted her teeth and came up with one – hat and all.

They are amazingly detailed – perfect colors, no mess-ups, googly eyes.  Everything is better with googly eyes.  Muno did lose one bump due to heavy use and Foofa’s flower has taken a beating but after a month of deep and true love, everyone is still recognizable.  Did I mention that we can’t go anywhere without them.  DJ Lance and Foofa particularly have made the walk to Starbucks every weekend for the past month.

She also took all these pictures.  Talented lady all around.

Pumpkin patch

Last week the boy and I went to the pumpkin patch.  This was not your typical urban (or suburban) patch next to a mall with a big bouncey slide (although those are fun, too). This was Ardenwood Farm, a part of the east bay park system.  Ardenwood is a “19th-century country estate including a beautiful mansion and its elaborate Victorian Gardens. Today the Historic Farm exhibits agricultural practices from the 1870s to the present, demonstrating the transition from horse-powered to horsepower farming.”  They also have a kick-ass pumpkin patch.

Plenty of good pumpkins for sitting on.

Good wagons for pulling.

A very narrow hay maze, too big for momma to fit through with a backpack, camera bag and pumpkin.  I literally blocked the whole path.  Small children huffed at me because they couldn’t get around.  Yeah, embarrassing.

And the coolest hay pyramid you have ever seen.  The day we went was easily 85 degrees so we were both sweating and pink by the time we got to the top.  Totally worth it.

Victory is ours!


After our mid-October 85 degree outing, we indulged in burgers and milk shakes at In-N-Out.

I am never leaving California.