Sewing for Boys – first project

Last week I bought Sewing for Boys as an impulse Amazon purchase.  Since then I have seen it make the rounds of all the sewing blogs (I didn’t even realize it was new).  It’s easy to see why.  The projects are really cute but also still rugged enough to withstand the under 5 set.  I can already tell a number of the projects are a bit above my skill level but I hope to work up to them someday.  For now, I started with the hat.

This is the “Let’s Go Fishing Hat” made out of scraps from a couple of quilts I have done.  The edges are raw and distressed which both hides lack of sewing skill (“Hi!”) and makes it a bit more rough-and-tumble.  I made my seam allowances really narrow because I didn’t believe the sizing was right.  The sizing is right, I was wrong.  Because of that I had to bring in the top of the hat a bit to fit the circle for the top piece.  Next time I will follow directions.

If I had a blackboard I would make myself write “I will follow direction – I am not smarter than the pattern” 10o times as penance.

The really cool thing: it’s reversable

So far he has worn it for 5 min all together… but that’s the way it goes with hats