No-Sew Burlap Bowties

Our beautiful, wonderful nanny recently got married and who was the ring bearer? Why a little boy I happen to know.  We could not be more excited to be part of her special day. As the boy said yesterday “my family has a mommy, a daddy, and a nanny.”  Truer words have never been said.  She is part of our family and, in some ways the most important part, as without her we would probably devolve into feral creatures: unwashed, unfed, and with no gas in our car.

For the big day, I made no-sew (hot glue gun ftw!) burlap bow-ties for the two little boys.  I followed the basic instructions here.  Burlap is much thicker than normal fabric and frays like a mo-fo.  I used lots and lots of glue.  To attach to the boys’ shirts I glued the bows to small hair clips like these.


Of course on the wedding day, none of this went to plan.  But really, if something is going to go wrong on your wedding it might as well be some little bow-ties.