New baby, new blanket

The baby deluge continues with some friends from work welcoming their adorable (and I mean adorable) little guy to the world last month. Check out those pictures!  Aren’t they awesome?  If I ever have another baby, I am getting Agnes and her camera over here ASAP.  Speaking of photography, these pictures didn’t come out great.  Photographing ivory isn’t the easiest thing to get right inside the house.

This was a really nice blanket to work on.  The top dotted fabric is a gauzy japanese cotton.  The back is a soft quilting cotton with a slight sheen to it.  I used 4 different shades of grey-blue embroidery thread to hand quilt the layers together. I did a good section of this on our weekend away in the Russian River so the lines got a little… “wabi sabi” – that’s a nice way to say they aren’t even.  I actually liked the way it was turning out enough to add a couple more lines with even more movement.


The fabrics here are beautiful but neutral.  Most of the interest here comes from texture.  The japanese fabric gauze really shows the stitch definition.

I finished the binding with some standard ivory bias tape and washed the whole thing – it had been all over the place with me.  The fabric was so nice and soft afterward, I really hope mr. cuteness enjoys it.