Portland Trip via iPhone

We took long weekend for the boy’s birthday and headed up to Portland, OR.  We had never been there but it has long been on our ‘places to go’ list.  A city known for natural beauty, good food, and good design (both of the graphic and city planning varieties) is not something we can pass up.  I do have a nice camera but more and more all I use is my iPhone.  One less thing to carry.  So please enjoy Portland via iPhone

We arrived in the afternoon on Saturday.  I got to say, traveling on a Saturday afternoon is incredibly easy. The airport was empty and we flew through security… pretty nice when you have a kid with you.

We used AirBnB to find a wonderful flat to stay in.  I really love renting something more than a hotel room.  One, I like to stay up later than I like my 4 year old to stay up. Two, having a kitchen or at least somewhere to store yogurt is important for maintaining good 4 year old disposition.  Three, a play area is important for not wearing out the kiddo. Plus this place was awesome.  The boy was happy with his window.

We didn’t rent a car – Portland has excellent public transportation and our place was a 10 min walk from downtown.  Along the way we passed this guy in front of the local soccer stadium.

There had been a water warning the day we arrived which resulted in many businesses being closed or having limited offerings (you couldn’t use tap water without boiling it).  This meant that Voodoo Donuts, usually open 24/7 was closed for almost a full day.  Needless to say the line was absolutely crazy when they did open.  Oh well, no Voodoo for us.  We had to ‘make do’ with the best croissants I’ve had in my life.  Really, Ken’s Artisan Bakery is AMAZING!  Go there. Portland people, go there now!  Also, a little Stumptown:

Salt and Straw has just about the best idea in ice cream I’ve ever seen – the ice cream flight.  This means you get 4 small “taster” scoops so you can try a lot more flavors.  This is needed as their flavors are beyond unique and to try only one would be sacrilege.  From front to back you have toasted almond with salted ganache swirls, coffee bourbon, chèvre with marionberry habanero jam, strawberry coconut sorbet.  They boy got chocolate with sprinkles… you know, to mix it up a bit.

We went to the Oregon Zoo and took the train up to the Rose Garden and the really cool playground they have up there.

There is even proof that I was there

We did a lot more including a very nice, mommy and daddy only dinner at Andina and fun times getting lost in Powell’s.  I managed to hold back on my stalking urges and didn’t show up at Colette Patterns, although I did pick up a couple of their patterns… at Powell’s.  Yes, they sell local sewing patterns at the bookstore because THEY ARE THAT AWESOME.

Good time was had by all