New Post at Long Last

Work has been crazy.  I haven’t made things, I haven’t blogged, I’ve barely done what is necessary to be still be considered a good parent.  I have not enjoyed it.

I have made my way through a couple of baby blankets.  First up, the robot blanket:

The baby this one was intended for lives in Florida.  I didn’t want anything too heavy or warm since I knew they would never use it.  The top is a Japanese robot print and the back a light-weight cambray.  The blanket has enough weight to stay down as a play mat but the weave of the cotton makes the blanket cool to the touch.

The very talented Monique designed the big appliqué robot.  My design requirements were 1) cute 2) easy enough for me to sew on to a blanket.  She came up with this adorable little guy.   I used freezer paper to get her design on some bamboo felt then used Sashiko thread to hand sew the design down.

And off it went to it new home…