Presents! For ME!

Yesterday the mail carrier decided she loved me and brought me presents

ImageCraft Coffee and a Alice Supply Co. toolbox. I had been eyeing the toolbox ever since I saw it in a Martha Stewart article on how to organize your sewing supplies.  But honestly, at $82 buckarros it was a bit outside of my “isn’t that cute” range.  My Ikea box storage box was fine if not quite as sturdy or pretty.  Then, the shopping fairies took pity on me, and put my toolbox on Fab where I seem to have no will power at all.  And it was half price!  $40 of cuteness? DONE.

Oh, it is so very awesome.  19″ metal toolbox with a enough heft to it that you can tell it will last.  A plastic (boo) tray inside to separate the compartments.


I wasted no time.

ImageSewing stuff is now nicely put away with room to spare.