Instagram whatnot

I wouldn’t say that I have switched from Hipstamatic to Instagram so much as I have learned to love both.  The social part of Instagram isn’t all that interesting to me and, yes, it does bug the crap out of me that I have to upload to Instagram to have an image save to my local device.  This is lame. Fix it, Instagram.  But I do like that I can choose my filters after the picture has been taken… setting up Hipstamatic is also a pain. And that Instragram doesn’t do weird croping… so what you see in the view finder is what you get in a picture.  That Hipstamatic goes for some old style ‘framing’ is lame.  You can set it up to be precise but it doesn’t come that way out of the box.  Whatever, Hipstamatic.  Regardless, I do love that my otherwise crappy pictures are looking a whole lot better these days.  They even make my crafting craftier.

Nick Fury approves these quilt blocks




Hay Maze Adventurer


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Holiday Bash Week One – Release the Kraken

Olivia Jane is hosting a Holiday Craft Bash right here. I’m not sure I will make every week.  I know she is doing a tree skirt week and since we rarely get a tree I don’t have much use for a tree skirt. But week 1 was stockings, and man, I love stockings. My plan is to make three new ones based on the young man’s current fascination but I wanted to get at least one done in time for the Holiday Bash.  I chose to finish the Kraken because 1) Krakens are awesome 2) He’s seriously cute 3) It’s the young man’s favorite.  Box Jellyfish isn’t far behind so I’ll post that one as soon as I finish it (probably tomorrow).  I based my project on Jessica’s from A Little Gray.  I used a very light coating of fabric glue to place my cut outs before machine appliqué-ing them down. Krakens are super curvy so I messed up a couple of times.  No biggie, love him anyway

should I add a little boat here?

Surprising Art

Guess what we found at the Dallas Arboretum?

Pumpkins and houses.  Pumpkin houses!

The pumpkin village is put together each year for October.  They make the walls of the little houses out of pumpkins – with cool little pumpkins inside to find, too.


There was also a Chihuly exhibit going on.  The large glass sculptures were interspersed throughout the grounds.  Our day was gray but I’d imagine they are pretty spectacular in the sun.  We found them extremely cool in the fog.