Barcelona Skirt para mí

I’ve been trying to make more clothes for me because:

  • It builds skills, it’s certainly more difficult than a blanket
  • I know exactly who made it and what conditions it was made in.  If those conditions are inhumane I know exactly who to blame
  • It forces my mind to not think of my body as a ‘size’.  A 10 or a 12 or an L or XL, any of these may be different in any given store.  I am instead a series of measurements, none of which add up to any particular size and have no conscious or unconscious judgement attached.  It’s just me.
  • I am learning a lot about how clothes are made and thus how they fit.  This actually helps a lot when buying clothes off the rack.

It is incredibly slow going.  Making any progress feels like slogging through mud.  For now I’m at the very simplest of skirts.  This is Amy Butler’s Barcelona Skirt.  I used a slightly heavier weight quilting cotton in mustard.  I used the tiered version with the unfinished hems.  The pattern is nice and easy but I did find that my tiers didn’t line up perfectly.  It was ok in the end as the whole thing was a bit too large. I need to learn how much to pull in from my actual measurements. When the waist band of the skirt perfectly matches your actual waist the skirt is actually too big. I wasn’t sure if the pattern was taking that into account or not but I’m pretty sure now that it is not.  Things to keep in mind for next time.


Also, how do you all get good pictures of yourself in clothes?  Should I be figuring out the timer option on my camera? Because after asking my husband, son and friend to take a picture of me in the skirt, I’m still publishing the one with me standing on a stool in my bathroom mirror.  More things to keep in mind for next time.

in the bathroom mirror