Instagram whatnot

I wouldn’t say that I have switched from Hipstamatic to Instagram so much as I have learned to love both.  The social part of Instagram isn’t all that interesting to me and, yes, it does bug the crap out of me that I have to upload to Instagram to have an image save to my local device.  This is lame. Fix it, Instagram.  But I do like that I can choose my filters after the picture has been taken… setting up Hipstamatic is also a pain. And that Instragram doesn’t do weird croping… so what you see in the view finder is what you get in a picture.  That Hipstamatic goes for some old style ‘framing’ is lame.  You can set it up to be precise but it doesn’t come that way out of the box.  Whatever, Hipstamatic.  Regardless, I do love that my otherwise crappy pictures are looking a whole lot better these days.  They even make my crafting craftier.

Nick Fury approves these quilt blocks




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